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Geoffrey Pappas, President
33 years- all facets of transportation

Karl Mabeus, Director Finance
21 years- Air Freight, International, Expedited, Trucking

Jason Smith, VP of Operations
16 years- all facets of Transportation

Kim Maercklein, Logistics Coordinator
14 years- Truckload, Expedited Truck & LTL freight forwarding

Kim Muller, Customer Service
14 years- Expedited Ground Shipping

Greg Bedrosian, Logistics Coordinator
9 years- Logistics management

Zach Pappas, Logistics Coordinator
9 years- all facets of transportation

Chuck Higgins, Account Representative
A lifetime all facets of transportation

Mark Johnson, Customer Service - SYR
21 years- Logistics and Warehouse management

Kelly Cash, Logistics Coordinator - SYR
17 years- Truckload and Truck Brokerage

Phil Pruden, Branch Manager - NJ
16 years- all facets of transportation

Michelle Lamiano, Customer Service
13 years- Transportation Industry Customer Service

Kelly Kuhn, Customer Service
17 years- Finance

Joan Kirker, Customer Service
30 years- Accounting

Brian Montgomery, Logistics Coordinator
B.S. Supply Chain Management/ B.S. Marketing

Dean Willcoxon, Account Executive
9 years - International Logistics Sales

Joe Ferraro, Senior Account Executive - SYR
15 years - All facets of transportation; Syracuse office

Cathy Nalbert,  Logistics Coordinator
14 years - All facets of transportation

Don Malott,  Fleet Safety and Maintenance
20 years of Trucking Industry Experience

Cory Walizer, Logistics Coordinator   
2 years - Truckload and Expedited Truck freight forwarding

Stephen Seifridsberger,  Logistics Coordinator
5 years - Truckload and Expedited Truck freight forwarding

Todd Alldredge, Branch Manager - Utah
16 years- all facets of transportation


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